Destruction of World Classes

by Doc Williams

Destruction of world classes
People with black faces
Wearing  X-ray  glasses

Trying to find the truth behind all the lies
Educate the masses
Excuse me while I trash this
Tell it like it is!

Like the stone age we are living in darkness
Bring the truth to light 
Pardon me while I spark this
To sharpen up my sight!

My third Eye 20/20
Found the truth now 
Iím laughin at the lies
how they hide the truth
itís like misrepresentation to our black youth!

How can you hide the truth
Thatís like taking a shower in a damn phone booth

As long as we thrust for knowledge
Educate the masses
No need for us to go to college!

Charging us for education
Thatís like Pee Wee Herman
In a movie masturbating

Killing all our black people
Like a sniper at the top of a church steeple
You going to Pay!!

40 acres and a mule
fuck that
you owe us more 
now lets break the rules
take shit!!!

you know what makes people stronger
yíall ainít had none
so now yíall will last no longer
under pressure!!

the truth is out here we just have to find it
and once we do no more will we be blinded
each one teach one 
thatís how it goes
Y2K bug got your computer froze?!

Destruction of World Classes by Doc Williams

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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