A Dead Man's Tale

by Doc Williams

Picture this an eerie scene You could never imagine in your wildest dreams A twisted tale of right gone wrong Now listen to this sad sad song Of how they stole a young man's life In a manner that was oh so trife He bumped into my man one day Brushed his shoulder and started to say Nigga you better watch where the fuck you walkin' An my man with his big mouth he couldn't even resist talkin' Of how he could whip his fuckin' ass So dude pulled a gun and tried to blast The gun locked up my man he thought real fast I'll take this gun from his sorry ass At the blink of an eye he took the pistol and gave a laugh Not realizing he almost took a cold blood bath I got yo joint now wacha-gone-do? So he replied you just wait to around two A.M. was the time on the clock When dude was chillin' with four friends and four Glocks Sittin' in the car smokin' and getting' nice as shit Thinkin' of how they are going to hit My man's head kill him dead All in cold blood But first they beat him up and dragged him through the mud Now my man was commin' from his girl friends house He spent his last few second on earth drippin' blood from his mouth Now the blood was not all from the crucial beating But most came from the hot lead that was eating Through flesh and bone And chest and back I think the number was 18 to be exact 18 holes like a game of golf ball sized holes 6 feet deep is were the sun never shows and worst of all with no pity or remorse they left him there like a dying horse right in front of his mama's house for her to find along with her spouse this is a poem it's not a rap of how one brotha fell victim to another brotha's strap what's wild about this crazy life is you seldom get to do it twice that was 96 and I still here his mouth R.I.P Damion Smith peace and I'm out

A Dead Man's Tale by Doc Williams

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