Once Again

by Doc Williams

You tell me that you love your man
How much cash does he put in your hands
Is it enough to coincide
With all the games and all the lies
Once again he has made you cry
And once again you donít know
You keep on going thru the same old thing
Every time you hear the ring
Of the phone you jet to his home
Just so yíall can moan and groan
The sex is good the sex is fine
But does this man stimulate your mind
Itís more to love than just a fuck
A phat ass ride and 50 bucks
Love is spiritual Love is real
Love is something that you feel
Once again he has lied to you
And once again he has tried to do
The right thing like a Spike Lee Joint
And now I hope you see my point
Once again he has made you mad
But someone like me can make you glad
Once you get tired and want a change
Extend your arms Iíll be with in your range
To take you by the hand and show
Just how far true love can go
Once again I say to you
Iíll be your friend and this is true
Iíll make you smile
Iíll make you laugh
Iíll make love to you in a bubble bath
But like I said it not about your sex
Even thought I would love to flexxx
To take you on an emotional high
It feels so good that you might cry
Tears of joy not tears of pain
Now lets go make love in the rain

Once Again by Doc Williams

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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