by Doc Williams

Why is it that when I meet someone I dig My heart gets stepped on broke like a twig Itís hard for me to figure out how itís suppose to go Why do I get my hopes up so high Like I could touch the sky When bam!!!!!! at the last minute there is something to make me cry I swear I try to keep my cool but I ainít tryin to play nobodyís fool Why is it that all the so called good women have thugs Like thugs are the only oneís that can give tight hugs When in fact all they do is sell drugs All the while the women are getting stepped on Treated like bugs Do I have to sell drugs for a woman to show me love Why is it that the oneís I like donít like me But the oneís that like me drive me up a tree How can this be Love is like a foreign language Ah Wee Wee Why canít a hard working brotha like me find one woman who just wants to be With one man without takin what she can And then damn!!!!!!!! Ghost because no more loot Why canít I find a woman who will pay my bills bills bills Talking all that crazy stuff they must be ill ill ill Why canít she be real real real Talkin mad trash like a land fill fill fill Why do we look but never find true love is it something in our mind True love comes from only one place No one person group or race True love is beautiful like a dove The one and only true love comes From the one up above

Why by Doc Williams

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