Arthurine B. Rice

Arthurine B. Rice was born in Nyack, York. She grew up in Columbia, South Carolina. Ms. Rice is a graduate of Benedict College, The University of The District of Columbia and Webster University.

Arthurine is published with several companies such as TimBookTu, Nubian Chronicles and Underground Poets, etc. In the past, Arthurine was honored with the Golden Poet Award Certificate and Honorable Mention Award from the International Society Of Poets. In 1996, Arthurine was inducted into the International Poetry Hall of Fame.

Arthurine is the mother of two wonderful children, Jamal and Sabriya Rice.

Arthurine plans to continue to write and share life experiences with those who are interested in reading her works. She says "Thank you for reading and showing support."

You can contact Ms. Rice via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Arthurine B. Rice


360%, Again and Again!
A Love Affair
A Mournful Heart
A Perfect Place
A Tender Touch
Be Not Afraid For I'm Your Friend
Black People, Don't Let Go
Black Truth...Hidden Agendas!
Black Woman
Bruised Flower
Comforting A Friend
Complete Loneliness
Creation of Life
Ebony, Who Is She?
For You
Friends Of Color
Moonlit Love, A Complete Ecstasy!
Mother/Daughter, We Are One
My Son
Princess Jobalene
Stand Up!
The Child Who Blames, Blames No More!
The Falling of Autumn
Three Cheers, It's Here!
Who Is He?
You're A Leader

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