A Love Affair

by Arthurine B. Rice

His eyes warm and dark as a running stream
Stared through my eyes
I felt he knew my most intimate dream.

His hands black and strong as iron bars
Reached out and held me
I became his midnight star.

Hearts beating like thrashes on a drum
Soft winds now blowing out of control
A moment of tenderness and
Feeling each other's body and soul.

Sun and moon clashed like a volcano running wild
Then came quietness as I lay in his arms
Feeling warm and secure like a new born child.

We slept warmly till the break of dawn
His sad eyes stared through me
Our night was over, both would soon be gone.

As we tenderly kissed good-bye
I felt he never looked back
But then, nor did I.

In a rush, like missiles launching towards the moon,
Reminiscing and laughing for the night was ours
We'll be home to our partners soon.

A night, tender as a soft rose pedal,
reminds me of him and
The time we spent together.

This affair is our personal secret,
So mysterious like shadows in the night
Yet, so wonderfully discrete.

As I lay against his warm dark skin
He said, well be together tomorrow night
We'll be lovers once again.

A Love Affair by Arthurine B. Rice

© Copyright 1988. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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