Who Is He?

by Arthurine B Rice

Running away from everything
Yet, seemingly going no place,
An untamed lifestyle manifested
In red eyes and tired looking face.

He is every woman's lover
Each man's best friend
A young boys's first hero
Everybody's long lost cousin.

His demeanor is that of happiness,
But internally, he is extremely sad,
The things he does are unlawful,
Dangerous and considered very bad.

He resides on each street corner
And viciously curses people he meets
Yet, this outcast but unique individual
Is comical and shockingly neat.

He cares for no one, so it seems, his
Attention is focused on women and girls,
To the ones of his choice, he sends
Flowers and gives pure white pearls.

He seldom holds a job,
But seems to always have money
A boy asked, how do you do it? With a hugh
Smile he said, don't worry me sonny.

He is everywhere for moments of time
Yet, he never stays around to long,
He may stay a few days or so
And then he is suddenly gone.

Who is this mysterious person,
Who can this stranger be
He is whomever you want who lives
His life differently from you and me.

Who Is He? by Arthurine B Rice

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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