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Levi James Baldwin III has been writing for about thirteen of his twenty five years. He's originally from Springfield, Massachusetts and recently (one year ago) moved to California to finish writing his first novel. He's an artist of all trades and enjoys writing poetry, short stories, music lyrics and novels.

The only male in a family of two sisters one younger one older. At the age of seventeen, he left Springfield behind and joined the U.S. Marine Corps. Through the Marines he had the chance to live in Japan, Okinawa and several parts of the United States. After the Marine Corps he did security back in Springfield for several months while attending junior college preparing for university acceptance. During this time he worked with people at the Learning Tree and got a scholarship to college.

He studied BioChemistry with a minor in education at Springfield College for three years. During this time he hosted his own three hour radio show on the college station and had some of his short stories published through the Art magazine called The Alden Street Review.

He said "I ended up departing S.C due to finances, and set my eyes westward, to pursue dreams of writing success. My first few months out in California were spent in Oakland and Berkeley. In both places being a new face, with no friends and family made life hard, but i endured. Over time I made friends, got a job that i enjoy (working for a radio station) and live in a comfortable neighborhood with a cool friend."

He says "currently I'm working on my second novel while also attempting to finish a book of poems. In the spare time I'm not working on either of these to books, I'm working with my producer on my album. All this activity leaves me little time for a social life, but leaves me quite happy."

You can contact Mr. Baldwin via e-mail at nightswhisper@hotmail.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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A Fanomoly in My Life

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