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Memphis Vaughan, Jr., a Mobile, Alabama native, is an avid reader, writer, traveler, and computer user. As editor and webmaster, he created the TimBookTu web site as a place to showcase African-American writing and poetry in 1996. Since then, the site has featured the works of over 2,500 writers, poets, and essayists. In 2002, he edited an anthology of works from TimBookTu writers entitled Journey To TimBookTu: An African-American Poetic Odyssey. His short stories have appeared in Zane's Chocolate Flava and Succulent - Chocolate Flava II. He has an essay published in Elissa Gabrielle's The Soul of A Man 2: Make Me Wanna Holler released in 2016. He currently writes a column for the Mobile, Alabama-based Steppin' Out Newspaper, the arts, entertainment and empowering guide of the Gulf Coast. Read his monthly column. He has also been published in the ComebackTown newsletter.

He can be contacted at to receive comments, questions, answers, criticism and especially praise.

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The BBQ Joint


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The Voices of the Ancestors
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