by Blk_man4u & PoetressForever

Magical, comes to mind
When I think of our union
And though many years have passed
I still feel as if we just met
Getting excited whenever I'm near you
And longing for you when we are apart
As we stand, you've captured more than just my heart

Mystical, as it is outer worldly
When I think of this union
For seldom does a day go by that I'm not mystified
By this love that has kept on growing
Or the desire for one another that never stifled
And a passion that even time has not altered
As we look forward to, our anniversary

Sensual, deep down in my soul
When I think of our union
And how its lasted and stood the test of time
You keep me feeling brand new each and every day
Through ups and down, laughter and tears
For God has blessed us to have these many years
So wonderful that we've spent them together

Spiritual, it's what God has ordained
When I think of our union
For only through His grace we celebrate another year
It's my prayer from deep within my heart
That you will always be at my side
To keep the fires burning within
When we celebrate again, our anniversary

Anniversary by by Blk_man4u & PoetressForever

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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