Path of Self-Discovery

by Poetress Forever, Charm, Doug Holloway, Carlton Scott, & Blk_man4u

I'm quite simply wishing for recovery
from self inflicted wounds and self destructive actions
From a legacy of self-doubt and physical infractions
To an existing world of apologetic retractions
Towards a realization in self-discovery

I no longer want to bow my head in piteous grievance
for the departed piece of my soul that I bargained with..and lost
Those things which the world says are an obvious deviance
Superimposed at a significant cost

Accumulated, collected, piled and amassed
Heaped upon my countenance void of sympathy
Evidence of a history, a time which has passed
Prearranged through generations, negated of empathy

Iím tired of continuing to live in this misery
Giving up my life in distorted little fractions
Caught up in mankindís useless distractions
Time for more immediate and long-term satisfactions
Forwards unto a positive change of scenery

Now that I recognize who orders my steps and my direction
I can clear these cobwebs from the attic of my conscience mind
Move forward with a new attitude and deeper introspection
And begin to make my contribution to greater mankind

So when I decided to declare that it was time that a new day began
I proceeded to prepare myself to give my future a fair chance
By considering just how I planned to include each and every man
In my plans to provide guidance for humanities advance

And today is the day I move toward my path of divinity
With the support of others behind me, I carry affirmation-
To the one most high, and we bow in adulation
Because no matter our sin, we've got God's salvation-
Filling us up to the depth of our spirits for infinity

So I pray to "God" for a deeper understanding to help me with all my plans
Even the things I don't always trust him with he still love me anyway
And it does not matter just how far my life spans
God takes me by the hand everyday

And everyday and everyday I truly thank him for
the bounty of the blessings upon me he chose to pour
My heart is joy, my mind is right, my soul has been restored
I walk thru the valleys, and face the shadows, I live in fear no more

And now my life has become extraordinary
I wake up to each day in anticipation
Gazing into the promise of heaven's constellation
for guide to our future exploration
and a welcome to its inviting sanctuary


Path of Self-Discovery by Poetress Forever, Charm, Doug Holloway, Carlton Scott, & Blk_man4u

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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