Love Chronicles

by DreadedDiva, PoetressForever, and Blk_man4u

I'll just have to make your heart bleed
with the desire to dance the poetic dance
Keep you in a trance
Lusting for a repeat of whispering kisses
and deeply moaning sighs
as I let you slip......sweetly in between my thighs
Of words that swallow you whole
and suck the contents, dripping, from your soul

Onto my lips & down my chin
I breathe in every syllable of your lyrical prose
And only God up in heaven knows
that this love is beyond magical
Practical musings escape me
because I feel you supernaturally
I'm soaring beyond metaphors and the flow of words
Among the heights of ecstasy and rapturous altitudes I glide
For these feelings of unseeming pleasure I long to feel inside

And actually you move me beyond reasoning
to a place deep inside where only our secrets lie
for to you, my heart, I cannot deny
So I completely surrender all that I have inside that longs for you
Got me with a desire that is delicate as tatted lace
With just one touch you cause my passion to escape
I could easily become your slave
Praise you before the alter of my desire
And as sacrifice, your love is all that I require

Love Chronicles by DreadedDiva, PoetressForever and Blk_man4u

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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