My Touch

by Memphis Vaughan, Jr.

My hands would be tender enough
to incite the passion that's yearning in your body 
but strong enough to hold your body down 
as it throbs and shudders from the stimulation 
my tongue gives each and every sensitive spot 
on your body;
from that smooth spot above your eyebrows
to that sensitive spot on your neck
to those aroused peaks of chocolate 
that caps those luscious breasts.  

Slowly sliding down your body
that is softer than silk 
and smoother than velvet, 
I would momentarily take
a swirl with my tongue 
in that soft navel depression 
and from there move south 
until I found the prize 
that defines you as a woman
and love it until dawn.  
The juices would flow
like the Nile, the Amazon 
and the Mississippi combined 
but I would be there to savor them
as if they were my last drops of liquid
as I crossed the burning Sahara.  

Our coupling would be like no other 
for we would be lost 
in a rapturous state of bliss, 
one that you would never want to end.  
It would be so good,
I would have you longing for more 
as I tenderly kissed you good night 
and quietly blow out the candles 
that have danced 
in your sparkling eyes all night long.

My Touch by Memphis Vaughan, Jr.

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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