Beautiful Black Woman

by Memphis Vaughan, Jr.

Beautiful black woman with satiny, brown skin
Please let me touch your yearning body again
I have never, ever felt feelings quite like this
Shaken by explosions I feel from your kiss

The night is still young and our bodies are free
As a ship in the night on the wide open sea
Responding to each others' caresses and touch
Don't end this moment, I need you so much

Sexy, soft black woman of mine
Your touch is like heaven, your kiss so divine
Satisfied and fulfilled as any man could ever be
Don't stop the pleasure that you're giving me

So lay back, relax, put your head on my chest
I'll rub you and stroke you from your toes to your breasts
Kissing and touching and rubbing you down
Skin that's so smooth, so supple, so brown

While we are together on this sensuous flight
The love that we share is our nocturnal delight
Our minds and our hearts and our bodies are one
This night won't be over until you say "well done"

Beautiful Black Woman by Memphis Vaughan, Jr.

© Copyright 1978,1997. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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