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Observational: Conversational Questions
August 2017

Wake up and be careful how you carry the day, what you do and say, especially in the work place. How you treat people goes a long way, common courtesy, speaking. Don't let the job title run(ruin) your attitude, how you perceive others, and the way you treat fellow employees.

Work place shootings and other cases of public place massacres have always been a personal puzzlement of wonder: Did they get the real enemy? What was the purpose? What set them off? Why'd they take it out on certain people(employees)? We must be careful what we consider right and wrong, especially while handling business and the way we conduct ourselves around various individuals on the job(anywhere). We'd probably do them and ourselves a favor by omitting personal details, workplace gossip and negative attitudes from simple conversation and mind sets as a whole, because everyone handles and takes things differently; in this world today, saying as less as possible would probably be best.

Some people have personal problems beyound control, happening at home, etc. and are already on the brink of losing it and are looking for an excuse to blow off steam or take it out on others. We must, and have to be considerate of others in certain environments, regarding what we talk about, ways in which we play, things we carelessly share opinions on and say, thick skin or not. Things change, attitudes straddle and rearrange. It's similar to school, but don't excercise the energy of being a workplace bully or nuisance, which can open up the possibility of being a prospected target, that'll get you and others hurt; because as we all have found out, being quiet also comes with negative consequences at times, but less likable at times. Fragility is a portion that makes up people and it's never clear just when we'll bust or break, so stay clear of the probability and glass.

Wake up, get focused, go to work stay focused, and go home. It's hard enough trying to be good and still be faced with unfortunate circumstances, so don't hang with the crowd, be a leader of greater example, that holds neither confusion or miscommunication, especially on (our) your job.

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