BJ Burgins

No Sense Wakin' Up If You Ain't Gonna Do Nothing
June 2017

About We, About Us...
Where are we going? Where are we heading?
GetUp, Get Involved in something positive.
Wake Up & Live for greater, a chance to take for a change to make. Where are we heading, going if we settle for a lay? No sense waking if we're not gonna do constructive somethings; plan ahead, go for something, gain and achieve.

Certain nationalists are spewing blah blah, do we laugh ha ha, or pay attention and hear between the words? Speak out & really say what We feel, mean and dedicate our struggle to the African-American dream striven for by so many before, who knew what they were fighting for and commence to Keeping King's Dream Alive.

What are we striving to gain beyond carnal ambition, missed opportunity left bitter and monetary gain? In your mind, where are you going, and if given devout reasoning, could or should those around follow? Check out your mind and reason with the conditional opportunity of waking and do something, something more, differently, for greater solutions. Don't hesitate or contemplate, find your rhythm, let it flow like water- be natural.

As this reading ends, just a portion of enlightenment follows: There will arise a generation that'll have peace that'll know not of social electronic mediums to insult and portray salutes to hatred, but will use it compassionately to gain currency to help, maintain, survive and give of...

This Generation will know love, Appreciate love, be grateful to their elders and recognize the lessons they can teach; they'll know their History, from the arts to socially, and even more. This Generation will arise and make worth of life and shed insecurities, mistakes and flaws shared within the turbulent times of passed ones. HISTORY AWAITS...

-Coming across from the background, leaving impressions such Cash and Gooden, frontline so Mayfield hot & breezy, giving life and nourishment to the crops.

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