BJ Burgins

No Sense Wakin' Up If You Ain't Gonna Do Nothing
April 2017

I don't believe William Edward Burghardt DuBois wrote for vain glory. I don't believe Harriet Tubman tried to save and deliver, to be nicknamed Moses. I truly don't believe Martin Luther King, Jr. sacrificed personal time, to go thru pure hell for his own benefit. For Jesus Himself sought purpose to do a deed, and serve a need so badly needed.

Purpose is, by-way of time allotted, (should be) sought and found by all. In today's time, purpose should be taken as serious as the aforementioned, and sought or found. If energy taken, is put into positive action, the world may begin to heal itself. Selfish endearments put aside, pride checked and not lost but used as inspiration to others, talent and skill(s) honed to replace insecurity seeking security and illuminating the spark of imagination and creativity in a manner to lighten the weight of looming darkness, toward brighter prospects for hope and thoughtfulness.

To ensure a better future, one must start day after day seeking action toward that greater purpose. If continuously dreaming, enthusiasm for action becomes a great ball of laziness, so when you awake get yourself together and apply action to finding a job you'd feel pleased doing and hold a passion for. Seek better ways to achieve a positive goal, try new and innovative ways in substantiating an already gained career or job, that'll set a standard for others and pave a way for others, that they too could gain inspiration from and innovate as well. If you lie down, get up with even more energy and channel it into a dream and purpose that'd perhaps change bad portions of a ruined world for the better.

A recent survey of people whom sit for long periods of time, has determined they are threatening their health, which could eventually lead to further health challenges. While in great health, seek reasons for action that could possibly sustain good health and build a stairwell of positivity toward a great and brand new future, that others can follow steps of, learn and gain understanding from.

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