BJ Burgins

No Sense Wakin' Up If You Ain't Gonna Do Nothing
May 2017

Is it worth living, not having any fun despite modern troublesome, trying times? Recent surveyors have proclaimed people who spend more time working and spend less energy towards leisure time, have higher social status.

Is status seeking worth that much and have no fun within the fruits of your labor? Of personal observation, a job could evaporate like smoke from a cigarette. To work tirelessly for status takes away the heart and meaning within the energy placed to simply succeed. Is wanting to succeed just about perks, applause and a higher level of title beyond personal achievement, selfless contributions, and honest pay?

All work and no play, we know the rest- but find time leisurely as fun and rest within it, which eventually makes working for the slated period(s) even more fun, to anticipate energy being spent on glorious leisure. Most times in present days, working can possibly be the best thing to do, not to mention having a job period, which in itself holds potentially loose ends, depending on what it is. Wake up to do something, be mass production but don't bleed every fiber into tools and necessities; lay 'em down when time's done, look towards leisure and have a lil' fun.

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