BJ Burgins

No Sense Wakin' Up If You Ain't Gonna Do Nothing
July 2017

Other day I got a call, followed by a message, saying "B haven't heard from you in a long time, just checking on you". Well I called back (an older relative) and talked; well I was left with various thoughts after the conversation. I decided that people concern themselves with their own needs, forgetting that one (you) gets older, and is no longer a lil' so and so dependant solely on adults but yourself moreso, and at times you won't hear from people at certain points, which may be best.

As in the fleshly costume I'm graced with, it's enough to make it thru the day unscathed, along with not crossing the paths of the wrong ones (hostilely agressive cops, muggers, etc.) and make it home safely. I deciphered long ago that the ones you love the most will become strangers at points, and you yourself, also to them; as a person, you will become a resident in the abyss of longing and loneliness, and as a person you will slip pass the minds of those you think of - equation of the conclusion that the sun doesn't rise or set around me (you). I'm a person that has personal obligation(s), duties and mortal flaws that will subtract time for other's vain satisfactory.

If you're not a twin, well in the womb you're prepared to live and survive alone to face the wide and open world. On birthing day, there you arrive from your safe place, faced to realize that throughout life there will be many days and nights (without Mother's assistance) you will be alone, (especially as an adult) without whomever you long to be around or hear from. I woke up one morning, smelled the coffee and realized such, by-way of experience, lessons and teachings. I awoke and realized people have their own obligations, purposes, duties, etc. that won't include, pertain to, or concern ME.

I awoke and learned to let live, for people are not at my behest to be designated, to do or act in the way I'd(you'd) have 'em to.

And just because you neither hear from or see, (people of your heart and mind) doesn't mean you're forgotten. I woke and saw the sun, layed down after sunset, and realized it not only rises and sets just for me and my wants, desires, and needs.

Let live my people, congregate and communicate in the Most High's set-up, (assemblage) for on our own we'll probably say or do the wrong thing, messing up the meaning and significance of both.

© Copyright 2017, BJ Burgins
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