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Tameko Barnette has been writing since she was the age of eight. She has been writing professionally since 1997. She has three books published, Painting Butterflies in the Nude, The Cleansing of Me, and Organic Love, all of which are available on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. She is a Content Producer on AssociatedContent.com as well. She's always working on poetry and stories. She is currently working on children's stories as well. In addition, she teaches workshops she created called Write Your Journey in her hometown of Roanoke, Virginia. Visit her website @ http://divinemindsyoga.com.

You can contact Ms. Barnette via e-mail at tameko.barnette@gmail.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Tameko L. Barnette


An Excerpt from "The Golden Ankhs of Crystal Land"
An Elusive Memory
Enduring All Things
Mary Janes, Bit O Honey, & Other Penny Candies
Midnight Snack
Ogun's Pot
Sister Day
The Glass Jar
The Mask
The Morning Paper
The Rivalry
The Roots
The Truth About Rain
Weight Watcher


Abide With Me
A Blue Haiku
Acoustic Meditation
Affirm Life
All Black
Allow Me To Reflect For A Moment
A Rose Is Still A Rose
A Tension
A Writer's Scenario
Ball and Chain
Break the Chains: An Invocation
Brother - Sister with Trina Emigh-Williams
Crying to be Free with Trina Emigh-Williams
Divine with Trina Emigh-Williams
Down Time to Right Time
Excerpt from "Distance: A Poetic Tale"
Extinct with Trina Emigh-Williams
Haiku #1
Haiku #2
I Float with Trina Emigh-Williams
Inches Away
Interpersonal Relationship with Trina Emigh-Williams
I See
Little Girl (Part 1)
Little Girl (Part 2)
Loud Whispers & Quiet Screams
Masterpiece of Minimalism
Miracles Keep On Coming with Trina Emigh-Williams
Mother Earth
My Freedom Song with Trina Emigh-Williams
My Religion with Trina Emigh-Williams
On A Rainy Day
Out of Reach with Trina Emigh-Williams
Pillar of Salt as Kasey Cooper
Poetic Communication
Poetic Meditation #3
Poetic Meditation #4
Poetic Meditation #5
Sacred Space Haiku
Seed (I Thank You)
Soul Searching & Purpose Working with Trina Emigh-Williams
Spiritual Uprising with Trina Emigh-Williams
The Once Found But Now Lost Boy
Tameko & The Sky
The Between
The Book of Rules
The Radiance
The Sweetness
The Unexpected
The Voices with Trina Emigh-Williams
Thoughts From The Heart Of A Garden
Time Well Spent
To Whom It May Concern with Trina Emigh-Williams
Traveling the Distance with Trina Emigh-Williams
Tuesday Morning Blues
Verbal Slave
We Come From the Stars
Why Should I Desire You?
You Are


A New Fire
How To Be A Butterfly
Reflections of Myself
Sanctified 101: My Journey Towards A Renewed Spirit
Six Seasons of Visions: An Ocean in the Projects
Six Seasons of Visions: Gray-Sighted
The Truth Unveils Much
Wake Up Call

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