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L shawnt‚ Alsander a.k.a. Ms. Juicy, was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois on the Northside. She now resides in Houston, TX where she is pursuing her second degree. She is majoring in Criminal Justice, and specializing in Juvenile justice. She will receive her Bachelors in Science in 2002.

Ms. Juicy says "I've been writing poetry since I was fourteen. I am a mature, somewhat laid back, young woman who every once in a while like to cut up. Writing is therapeutic to me because, it allows me to express my feeling weather real or fantasy. My poems are very erotic in nature and mostly true stories. Some people are like wow when they read my work. I love theses reaction. When I a poem or story pops in my head I must write it down at once. I don't proof read my work a lot of the time, I feel that it takes away from what I was feeling at that time. I try to inspire other people to write once they have read some of my work. I am preparing a manuscript of my poems to be published.

She continues "I go by the pen name of J. P. Galore, your Juicyness, Juicy2thalast, and of course Ms. Juicy. I can be contacted by sending e-mail to Juicy2thalast@hotmail, Excite, or" You can contact Ms. Juicy via e-mail at juicy2thalast@hotmail or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Ms. Juicy


As Long As...
A Poet's Soul Food
Capture My Heart
Computer Love....Need I Say More
Dead Above Ground
Death Do You Part
Feeding Your Hunger
Give It To Me!
Gonna Take A Hellofa Man
Here You Cumm
(His love) It's Like...
I Am More Than What You See!
I Cumm With Instructions
More Than Just Yo Friend
Morning Dew
Phone Sex
P***y's Just A Piece Of Me
That Other Level (Just Friends?)
Tonite Is The Night
Who Am I?

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