As Long As...

by Ms. Juicy

as long as... you let me run ice down your nutt sack
-send chills down the middle of your back
-swallow your shaft  let me show you my sensual path
I'm a sex fiend - beware of my wrath
-come to my place - let me sit on your face -
slow down boy this ain't a race
- enjoy me, engulf me taste my juice
-as I let lose-  tha freak in me
-are you ready -
my foreplay will have you in the twilight zone
like my bitch I'll make you moan
- as I run my tongue from the crack of your ass
to the tip of your dick
now thinking about them girls in your past 
is making you sick
my wetness will drown you
I ain't trying to clown you
I like to take control
to that dick I'll take hold
you know I do you right
let me ask you a question
"do you feel like this pussy tonight?"
after that we'll take a bath
light the candles turn off the lights
that was just the beginning of our night
soap me up, slowly slip in
to my back door
it hurts but this is a new kind of treasure
that pleasure
no one will ever
due me in that end
wipe off that grin
as my tongue enters you
boy you know my love is ooh
I got that sex make you want to tell your boys
but like a secret keep it
keep me all to yourself
respect and cherish me
like a prized possession keep me high on your shelf
you know I'm a good girl and I'll do you right
and you know where I'm gonna be at the end of the night
giving you pleasure so true
guess what I'm gonna  feed you
does this pussy tonight sound good to you?
and it's all yours as long as............
Your mine boo

As Long As... by Ms. Juicy

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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