Poet's Soul Food

by Ms. Juicy

I'm a poet tried and true
My words seductively intice you
Into a lyrical body spasm
Mind orgasm
You can feel my words run across your body like a tongue 
Just reading them has you mentally sprung.

You try to grab hold to my style that's buck wild 
Both Deep and Juicy
But always tighter than a vice grip
My poems will help you slip in to a sublime place
The words majestic tease will fulfill your wildest fantasy 
My stuff is real 
Like Envoge "I'm giving him something he can feel"
Disrobing my desires, lighting your fires
A poetic gift can not be trained or stopped 
Like a mental orgasm 
when your heart and soul are touched
in just tha right spot
you grab a pen
get to writing 
cause these ejaculated thoughts keep cumming and, flowing 
like the energizer bunny "they keep going and going"
after the lyrical climax, I lay back and relax
until that feeling come again
a true poets' words can't be trained 
Poetry comes from within
some one once asked "Are you really a poet?'
yes, I must say describing my experiences in my own way.
Listening, feeling, tasting,
once blinded by it's light, imagined,
Then obtained, utilized, and maintained it
Mind Un-corrupted 
Gal interrupted 
Singing at the top of my lungs till I'm hoarse 
Screaming from the excitement of course
Emitting things from the depthness of my soul
Giving it back to the world 
So, behold
Yes the word 
My greatest tool 
For all to read and enjoy as my Soulfood

A Poet's Soul Food by Ms. Juicy

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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