Here You Cumm

by Ms. Juicy

Making me weak with a gentle ass kiss
Never knew love could feel like this.
Giving me something I can feel
That's how I know when love is real

Making my body shake orgasmic earthquake
Surrendering to you
Loving the simple things that you do

Like tracing the curve of my body with your lips
And planting kisses that trail to my center

Biting my lips 
panties slip to the floor
don't think I could take much more

your arms and shoulders I grip
as your tongues' tip brush across my hip

our bodies covered in a thin mist of sweat
damn, you got me wet

my womenhoods singing to you
vo-lá vó-cú- shá 
can you hear it boo

turn around my better half
so that I can receive your shaft
taking it all in my mouth

moving up and down like I'm hitting switches
your leg twitches from the pleasure

while making sex faces
your dick is harder
than a White judge on Black dope cases

sucking like a new born on it's first tit
all cause you started playing wit my clit.

I'm getting ready to explode 
Then you go into freak mode
Licking everything from fingertips,
toes, pussy lips, and assholes
Hot creamy cumm oozing out of me.
Is this a wetdream or reality 

Now it your turn 
I'm licking on you scrotum 
That's vibrating like a computer modem

Just can't wait 
For you 
On my face 
To ejaculate
I'm sucking and licking
You're hypnotize  by my tongue 
I pull away
Close my eyes
Cause baby

Here You Cumm by Ms. Juicy

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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