(His Love) It's Like...

by Ms. Juicy

My lover,
Must have slipped me a Mickey
1of them Louisiana potions
Want to tell my friends to get with him so 
The can feel all these emotions
Cause its almost indescribable.
But Iíll try 
Heís the mahogany brown of a Hershey bar
Beautiful lips full of both inquisitions and knowledge
his nose strong and broad
Like an ancestor of Nubian king
Now his loving
Makes me want to learn how to sing 
Itís like
Like climbing to the top of a snow kiss mountain
Like jump off the bridge
Falling and the bungee cord brings to a jerking stop
Its like
Hot caramel
Poured over ice cream
It like having a seizure where I can only cry not scream
Its like
Iím condensation on a cold beer on a hot summers day
The brother makes me sweat
Its like
Iíve got the Atlantic and Pacific built up inside of me
Just looking at him makes me wet
he looks at me
Iím the last meal and heís the death row inmate
And he about to clean his plate
Got me feeling like
a child the night before Christmas
And I 
just can't wait
He has me
Feigning for him like Halle on crack
 in loosing Isaiah
Or like
Jamie fox was for Diamond 
in how to be a player
Got me wanting 
swing around his pole
Got me wanting him
To make love to me day and night
Until my punanny lips are swole
cause his loving
is like
Its like 
It is
Poetry in motion.

(His Love) It's Like... by Ms. Juicy

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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