Gonna Take A Hellofa Man

by Ms. juicy

Don't judge a book by it's cover
Yes I'm fine
 but take a look at my mind
6 years of college 
strong female with knowledge
working on my law degree. 
Just looking at my ass, 
that you not be able to see
You walk in a room an there I be, 
ms emcee
A honey coated, power suit wearing law educated
 no non-sense lady
Tight car, gold teeth and ebonic speaking is not for me
I want a man that will address me as mame and not B.

I can bring what a man brings to the table and then some
 Strength, Understanding and trust 
do you feel where I'm coming from
When god made me 
The mold he broke
When a man speaks of a good woman 
it is of me he spoke.
When the storybooks tells of a Nefertti like queen
Next to that story
 my picture should be seen
Raised to be a strong independent woman from the start
It is going to take a hell of a man
To capture my heart

Gonna Take A Hellofa Man by Ms. juicy

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