Death Do You Part

by Ms. Juicy

Been there done that
-felt that back slap
-the fist connect
-the disrespect-
sat watching the house get wrecked-
girl leave now-
remember you've been warned
-do you want your family to grieve or commissary to receive-
just go -what reason does he beat you for-
do you want mo...
just get up and go-
end this violence
-stop the cycle-
at lease think of your son Michael
-this is how his women he will treat
cause he watched mommy get beat
thinking there is no other way
and why not cause he watched mommy stay
your jaws been wired
-your arms' broke
-your neck is bruised cause you've been choked
- how long will you let this last
-until he buries yo ass
-Now you six feet deep
-no turning 'round
now you're home is in tha ground-
cause he said he loved you - you went back
didn't you know when he hits you his love means 'jack...
-you said he beat you cause he lost his job
-his own mother this man would rob
-now I find out he hit you before you were his wife
-what made you think you could change his life
-he was cheating on you and you wanted to be a mother
- instead he had a child with another
-you gone now and it broke  my heart
-the vow he kept was
"till death do you part

Death Do You Part by Ms. Juicy

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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