From NFL Wife to Purpose Driven Life

Designer & gold and my soul being sold…that’s what celebrity life sometimes felt like to me. We always had preferred treatment and service. People bowing down to us, or should I say catering to the dollar sign attached to the status. I realize that professional athletes are talented, gifted and work hard. In no way am I trying to belittle the recognition for their skills. They should be celebrated but not idolized.

Here’s what I know, in that lifestyle we had just as many issues but money usually was not one of them. There were disagreements, drama and dysfunction. Also, what I find ironic is that while the so-called “regular” people were trying to keep up with us, there were quite a few celebrities trying to keep up with those richer than them. It’s a cycle that doesn’t stop just because it appears you’re now at the top.

More greed, more materialistic things and more arrogance. Even though I had an increase of materialistic comforts, it was the most uncomfortable time in my life mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I tried not to use my NFL affiliation to acquire favors and preferred treatment but sometimes it was a perk or privilege I did not want to refuse. I remember being brought in side doors to attend high-profile events, skipping lines, protocol being broken and yes, even the ability to disrupt dinner reservations, the itineraries of scheduled flights (overbooked) or seating at a play/concert for “unknown” people with a mere phone call to a preferred travel and entertainment agency for the NFL.

Now that I don’t have the clout and privilege with that particular agency, when my flight plans or other scheduled entertainment is periodically disrupted, I often wonder is it a human error or an entitlement for a human they deemed more elite than me. I believe it’s true that what goes around will come back around. I tried to treat everyone as I wanted to be treated while in that lifestyle. Most times I succeeded. I admit, there were a few times I played the NFL card.

People always say and ask, “If I had that money” or, “what was that lifestyle like” and my answer is the same: I’m happy for the exposure and blessings; the ability to buy things never made me happy and lastly; the experience taught me the difference between living a life and living a lie in a lifestyle that creates an atmosphere of valuing things, status, power and money over people. Now that I am wiser, I realize that being exposed to NFL life was necessary to shape, equip and grow me for the purpose that stares back at me every day which is the mission to speak the truth, write the truth and seek the truth.

In this life, there will always be those that have more, less and equal to me however, none of those circumstances, in my opinion, should increase or decrease you as a person. As I am afforded the honor to tell my story, I speak about the scores that didn’t count, I write about the downs that I was able to convert to wins and I seek out opportunity to make positive plays in my everyday living. I am finally enjoying the things that money cannot buy. The love of power, money and respect may be the root to all evil but the love of people, purpose and peace of mind is the root to all good.

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