Emancipation of the African American Woman

AWAKEN African American woman from the bondage of "bling, money, status, handbags and shoes." Somehow those things came upon the scene and have the ability to make some women compromise morals, neglect children, defile her body and endanger her life. When and how did those things become another way to be enslaved to a less than way of life?

"I am better than you, I can make you do whatever I want you to do for those things" is the mindset of our ethnicity once those things are acquired in life. Sexual favors, beat-downs, disrespect, deducing self-worth and even death can be the price tag for many of our women that yearn for materialistic items to make them complete. Valuing things more than a human life is an abnormality that has become the norm.

Once upon a time, we were given scraps, treated like objects, battered for complexion and separated from our families because we as African Americans were perceived to be a "possession" for the Caucasian race. Presently we are repeating history but the difference is WE (African Americans) are the oppressor. For money, power and/or sex, some women will allow the unthinkable and unimaginable in their lives as well as the lives of their children.

ARISE African American woman and BELIEVE that you are worthy of respect, honesty, loyalty, decency and elevation. Your life should not be exchanged for a designer label. Stop permitting the love of "keeping up with the joneses" to darken your doorstep. Do not allow "the devil that can buy/give you Prada" to steal your morals and values.

Remove the stigma that you have engrained in your brain that status is better than stability, self-esteem or societal responsibility. Demand monogamy, companionship and admiration from your significant only. Never negotiate your body for a handbag. Don’t be a pawn in a "playas" game of seduction for a pair of shoes. Free yourself from under the umbrella of ballers "making it rain."

Our women were once abused, tortured and scarred for the pleasure of the plantation "masta" but now you’re willingly "pimping" yourself for the rolling stone baby daddy with the big genitals, the married man with the seven figure bank account or the neighborhood Casanova with the flashy bling. Many of our women died with dignity and pride even though they were treated poorly yet we have become complacent with infidelity, physical abuse and disrespectful names.

AFFIRM African American woman that you are a masterpiece awaiting the one that acknowledges you are priceless. Understand that you are the fruit at the TOP OF THE TREE and one must be willing to work for your love, heart and body. Do not lower your standards or expectations to accommodate the "discounts" others place on YOUR life. Despise the notion that the best things in life are free when in fact any and every thing that is worthy and of value will require the price of commitment, effort and sacrifice.

No longer will we (as women) equate ourselves with materialistic things or worldly gain. We are not a sperm depository for careless, unloved egos from John Hoe. We are not a handbag begat by perverted men seeking a "thrill on a pole." We are not a pair of high priced shoes scarring your character and reputation for the entertainment of John Doe.

Today, we (African American women) become EMANCIPATED.

© Copyright 2014, Stone

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