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The Prodigal Editor Returns

Many of you have periodically visited TimBookTu, and especially this editor’s page, and have probably wondered what happened to me. Some of you follow me on Facebook and know that I have been around. Just not on the TimBookTu site as much as I should have.

Here’s my explanation for my absence. It has been a combination of several things. Among them activities such as work, personal travel and focusing on family things that kept me away from the site. Although, TimBookTu has been a labor of love for me these last 25 years, I think I had grown weary of trying to keep it updated. I knew I needed a break but didn’t plan on it lasting over three years.

Additionally, the email accounts had gotten overwhelmed with spam and it took some time to clean it up. Finally, it was just plain procrastination. Several times over the last three years, I had planned to update the site but let other things take my focus away from it.

So, I want to thank all of you who have been faithful visitors to the site, faithful contributors and overall supporters of TimBookTu. It is because of you that I am forging ahead to keep it going another 25 years, if the Lord is willing.

Yes, it has been 25 years since I started the site at the advent of the world wide web back in 1996. Over the course of those years, TimBookTu has featured the works of over 2,500 writers and contributors. I have had the honor of presenting works by some of the most talented writers there are in the world. Many may not ever become household names and there are a few on the site, who have made their mark in the literary world, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find some great poetry, fiction, essays and other literary forms of writing on the site.

I am pleased to have been a part of this for these past many years and I want to say thank you again to the writers, the readers, the friends, the families, and anyone that has paid a visit to the site. Thank you to James Hathorn, a friend and colleague, who shared the poetry of his brother (who had been murdered), to help me kick the site off. I was happy to do it to honor his brother.

Jamal Sharif, who is still a close friend today, was the first person to submit her poetry and after that, the site was off and running. Today, there is much competition from other websites, social media sites and other venues. But many have told me time and time again, that TimBookTu was instrumental in helping them get their work introduced to the world. I’m very pleased that I was just one of the steppingstones in that process.

Please look at the new contributions for this Fall Quarter of 2021 and let the writers know what you think about their work. I have also highlighted the early contributors to this site that gave me a shot back in 1996 when I first setup the website. I have made so many friends from this endeavor and I have had a chance to meet some of the contributors in person. Others I have communicated with through email, social media and occasionally by text or phone. Works have been contributed by people of all walks of life from academia to those incarcerated. I was surprised when I first got something from an inmate and over the years, TimBookTu has been an outlet for many of those who have expressed their talents from behind bars.

So, in closing, I thank you again for your support, your contributions and your role in making TimBookTu the premier site for African-American literary works.

© Copyright 2021.
Memphis Vaughan, Jr.
Editor and Publisher, TimBookTu

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