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Never Stop Learning

I come from a background of teachers and education. My mom is a retired teacher, my aunts were teachers, my cousins are teachers, my niece is a teacher and my family strongly believes in education. Someone remarked a year or so ago about how our family turns out for graduations — whether it's high school or college. We will travel near and far to show support to the graduate. Anytime we can get together with family and friends for a joyous occasion, it's all good.

Achieving a formal education is one of the keys to my success as an engineer and as a writer. Yet, I feel a lot of the knowledge that I have obtained over the years has been a result of the learning outside of the classroom. I was born with good common sense that was enhanced by my education. As the years have gone by, I have also gained wisdom. Some of the people that I view as my role models didn't have advanced degrees or even a high school diploma. But they had common sense and wisdom. They also were open to learning new things as they went through life. This made them smarter than some people who had degrees and formal education.

That gets me to the point of this article. Learning is not limited to the classrooms or textbooks. Most of our learning comes from day-to-day living. However, we have to be open to learning something new each day and not be afraid of gaining knowledge. You've heard the saying, "Knowledge is Power." That is definitely true in just about any situation.

As the editor of TimBookTu and as a writer, I encourage you to open your mind to learning opportunities whenever you can. Try to explore different learning situations whether it is reading books, taking a class, going to new places, trying new things or doing whatever may interest you. By doing so, you will expand your horizons and gain something that can't be taken away from you. Be sure to share your knowledge and wisdom to help the young people that are coming up behind you. Help show them the way to open their minds to learning. In today's world, they need it more than ever.

I thank God for blessing me with a strong mind and the capacity to learn. I hope that you, too will use your God-given gift to continue to learn and grow. As the famous slogan goes, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

© Copyright 2015.
Memphis Vaughan, Jr.
Editor and Publisher, TimBookTu

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