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Wake Up and Vote!

We Americans are so easily lulled into complacency that each time there is something critical that we should do out of habit, we have to be cajoled, begged or embarrassed into doing it. Voting is one of those things. Something so vital and important to each of us is often regarded as a chore, a nuisance or no big deal. We need to wake up and vote.

Voting is so important to our daily lives yet many of us don't take the time to investigate the candidates or the issues to make our vote count. We complain and bitch about the current state of affairs in our country, our state and our community but we let one of the key ways to do something about it go unused.

We are coming up on the mid-term elections and there is no Presidential candidate on the ballot this November. So, many of us will sit this one out because it is not really that important. Besides, who wants to stand in long lines and vote for judges, congressmen, mayors or councilmen we never heard of or consider an issue that is too complicated to understand?

The black majority of Ferguson may have felt this way in their last election when they didn't elect candidates that represent the makeup of their community. Ferguson is not the only city or state like that in America. There are countless other cities and counties where the citizenry has very low voter turnout and they let candidates get elected that don't have their best interest in mind.

With the Michael Brown incident still fresh on their minds, many residents of Ferguson have registered to vote. We will see if they come out to the polls to elect the candidates that have a vested interest in achieving justice and fairness as leaders in their community and state.

Don't be like so many people in this country who bypass voting during the midterm elections because there is not a presidential candidate running. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the candidates and issues that are on the ballot. So many of these people and ballot initiatives are critical to how things will affect you. After all, the congressman, mayor, judge, governor or councilman you elect will have a more direct effect on your day-to-day life than the President.

Exercise your right to vote on Tuesday, November 4. Vote early if offered in your state. Honor those who fought valiantly for that right.

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Memphis Vaughan, Jr.
Editor and Publisher, TimBookTu

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