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Robert L. Horton, also known as "Da Moody Poet," received an Associates of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Lincoln Land Community College and a BSW from The University of Illinois at Springfield, UIS. He is a former Teacher's Aide in District 186. He is the Founder President & CEO of The House of Men for Education (H.O.M.E), a not-for-profit organization he founded to help eradicate the "fourth grade failure syndrome" (a syndrome that disproportionally affects young black males academic achievement). He is currenty pursuing a Masters degree in Public Administration. He volunteers his time mentoring youth in his community with his Robert Eager Readers Program. A program designed to engage the youth to R.E.A.D (Read Everyday And Dream)!

He recently completed his first childrens book, The Search, which he endeavors to turn into a play. He is also working on a movie script. He continues writing and reading his poetry as The Lord leads him. His first book of poetry titled, Released, Inspired Poetic Messages, A Book of Collected Poems is now available for purchase at Truth Book Publishers.

He resides in Springfield, IL with his wife and five children.

You can contact Mr. Horton via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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