Black Lives Matter!

by Robert L. Horton

The number of Black lives lost, 
Is reminiscent of the African holocaust!
The waves of injustice continue to toss Black lives around until we drown-
Or are choked to death like Eric Garner, or shot down like Michael Brown!
“I felt threatened and believed he was reaching for a gun,”
Not appreciating the fact that the child he was shooting at, is somebody’s precious son!
“To Protect and Serve” is the motto that you claim,
But I’m profiled, and taken to the ground before you even know my name!
Just because you have a gun and a badge,
Doesn’t give you the right to target us unfairly, intimidate, and harass!  
Through blood, sweat, and tears our ancestors built this nation,
And the way you repay their debt is with stop and frisk and mass incarceration?!
But we say no more because we have had enough,
So expect unrest because we’re rebelling against a system that is truly unjust!
To unite and take a stand is what we now must do,
Because Black lives don’t matter to the enemy in blue!
Protests and riots is the language of the poor and unheard,
But the police code of silence is louder than any other spoken word!
Turning a blind eye when one of their own commits a crime,
But you lock us up swiftly and insist that we do our time!
So we will shut every city down until our demands for justice are met,
Police must acknowledge that Black Lives Matter, and then treat us with dignity and respect!

Black Lives Matter! by Robert L. Horton

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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