Black Children and Poverty

by Robert L. Horton

What does poverty look like to me?
Visit the city of Chester in North Philadelphia and you will see!
With heartbreak in her eyes, a mother cries for her children,
As shots ring out from an abandoned, drug infested building.

Children are the reward of life and shouldn't be subjected to this,
In the richest nation on earth, poverty should not exist!
Life becomes unbearable when there is so much hunger and pain,
These conditions are deplorable, and America should be ashamed!

When will we say enough, and build stores to feed our own,
This harvest is from the seeds of neglect that's been sown.
But the time is always ripe to unite and take a stand,
Our children are precious, and their lives are in our hands.

Let's declare a real war on poverty, which motivates crime,
Let's join forces quickly, because we’re running out of time.
Our children deserve better, and we’re responsible for their optimal health,
Because what we do for the least of these, we do unto ourself!

Black Children and Poverty by Robert L. Horton

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