The Black Manís Plight

by Robert L. Horton

Lord get me out of here, Catapult me to another sphere! Why am I here in this strange manís land? This is something which I canít understand. Deliver me with your mighty outstretched hand. Is this really part of your divine master plan? How do you expect me to make it here in America, being a Black man?! From my African roots and culture I was torn, Now my skin color is an object of scorn. I know you love me, so why is this my fate? Why are me and my kind such an object of hate? Those who brought us here didnít do us any favor- We beg, while they live off the fruit of our ancestorsí labor. Every day and night I am reminded of my plight, Thereís no justice in sight for me, but you allow the wicked to go free. Deliver me from this curse so that I may live in harmony with the universe. Return me to the land from which I came, Restore my soul and give me back my original name. If not, please give me the strength to leave a legacy, Like the valiant black men who were here before me. Amen

The Black Manís Plight by Robert L. Horton

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