Oneal Walters

Oneal Walters is a student at York University who is studying in the field of film. He was the highlighted author at Writetimes online. "Frequently most viewed web page" at Writetimes online He was the featured poet at Freewriters online He was the featured poet and "most published" poet at the Atkinsonian (Atkinsonian's Community NewsMagazine). His chapbook Frozen Stare was published by The Plowman. His second book will be published shortly,


Details. Message. Harmony

Frozen Stare (ISBN 1-55072-640-4) Copies can be purchased through Mr. Stocker at the Glendon Bookstore -

Contact Mr. O'Neal via e-mail at

Works on TimBookTu by Oneal Walters


A Heavier Load
Can You Hear Me?
Continue Where You Left Off
Education with Raj-Beer
Emotional Issue
Empty Wishes
Money Should Not Hinder
My Silver Chain
Selecting Security
Sightless Idols
Success VS Having No Purpose
The School Rule
The Written Name
What If I Was Famous Next Year? with Raj-Beer
What Is Reality For You?

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