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Monie T. Jackson is the pen name of Monique Hughes and she writes the following:

"Welcome! Thank you for coming into my home – the place where Monie’s heart lives – where the stories of my deepest soul come alive. Writing has always served as my own personal psychiatrist – the paper is my couch, my pen represents all that toils within – my truest, rawest emotions and feelings. My heart shares my own personal experiences in love, life, and the pursuit of or inability of happiness via stories and poetry."

"For years, I have always written poetry or short stories that reflected my battles and challenges in love and relationships or even the world’s injustices, shortcomings, and imperfections. But I never thought about pursuing my writing past my own world for who would be interested in what my heart, mind, and spirit had to say. Writing was my own personal refuge – my own underground railroad – my harbor – my escape to my own secluded island. However, in recent years, I had been encouraged to step outside my emotional dungeon, and share and maybe even enlighten and possibly encourage others via my writing. 'Use your gift of expression,' I was told. So here I am."

"I am hopeful that in due time I will find my own success through my written works – poetry, short stories, essays, and even my own book. But then again success is not measured by someone else’s perception, but by your own acknowledgment and achievement of personal growth and acceptance of self."

Thank you for stopping by my place – sitting down with me, and allowing me to share my world with you.

You can contact Ms. Hughes via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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