Henry Hardee

Henry Hardee is a self-published writer. A couple of years ago he won a literary prize from the state of Illinois. He works teaching the Parents of Head Start-age children at Family Start Learning Center on the Westside of Chicago. He has self-published several books. Several of his pieces from are taken from Portraits In The Shadows Of Crack. Most of the poems in the book are about people living in UNITED STATES GHETTO. You hear the voices of black children; a young man who had purple streaked marcell waves in his hair; and you will hear from Ain't-This-A-B sitting in the front yard taking pill and drinking Crystal Light.

If you are interested in getting a copy they are $6.00 (including postage). You can send a money order via snail mail to:

Henry Hardee
30 West Chicago Ave Ste. 611
Chicago IL 60610

It will be a reading experience you won't forget.

You can contact Mr. Hardee via e-mail at henryhardee@yahoo.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Henry Hardee


Ain't No Babies Here
All I Got Is This Singing I Does
A Man Locked Down Is Still A Man
A Psycho, Snappy, Nasty, Dime-A-Dozen Chicken
Close Your Legs And Pick Up Uh Book (Part 1)
Close Your Legs And Pick Up Uh Book (Part 2)
Even Jesus Can't Save You
Holdin' On To Her Jesus
Hold On, Hold On...
In This Alley with Nothing
The Queen of Walgreens
What Pain A Sista Will Go Through To Keep A Man


A Hollow Victory
I Don't Want To Be Goin' To No Prison
My Father's Blues
Nastee Buzzard
Tell Jesus I'm Coming
The Hip-Hop Spot
Why Are You Doing This To Me?

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