Nastee Buzzard

by Henry Hardee

i wuz born 2 go 2 hell.
i wuz always gettin' n trouble n Bible class
 for one thing or anutha.

big-boned sister esther
(dressed n righteousness)
wuz my sunday school teacher--
she could sniff out what tha devil was doing
down n tha deepest hell
& she smelled  sin on me.

when she looked n2
my ten year-old eyes
she saw that i wuz on tha road 2 damnation
& it wuz up 2 her
2 do everything she could
2 get me back on tha straight & narrow.

one sunday
( while i wuz raisin hell n class)
she got tha  holy spirit
& told me that God had
let her c me actin' a fool as a teenage
by runnin' n tha street
& playin' wit mahself n tha bathroom.

she looked up 2 God
& smacked me
upside my square head-whop!
like her hand wuz being lead by God's,
"You need to start gettin
your Bible lessons, BOY
or you gonna grow up
to be a Nastee buzzard!"

Nastee Buzzard by Henry Hardee

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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