by Henry Hardee

I was up at my girl's house. Sometimes when we can stand each other we babysit each other's kids. Since we don't have money to go out to party we just go over to each other's houses and play cards. Bid Whist is how we get away from our problems.

My girl, had just got her check from the grocery sto' where she worked. I wasn't paying no attention to huh when she pulled out the pipe cause I was dealing. I smell the smoke. Then, I want some. Then, I want some real bad.

My mind just went off some place to rest. I didn't have no thinkin 'bout myself. I was just doing things out of habit. My eyes knew what they was suppose to be doing so I didn't have to be telling them what to do. My legs knew what they was suppose to be doin' so I didn't have to be tellin' them what to do. Seem like when I'm high is the only time I can have some peace.

I was just gettin' into the game when my baby starts to cryin'! Seem like every time I be having a good time my baby go to crying. I had bided a six low and I didn't have joker the first. I'm looking at my partner cause I know she got it.

THE BABY CRIES. I tell him I can't get up now cause I gotta wait for them jokers to fall cause if we get set we gonna go out the back door and I'm gonna have to wash homegirl's dishes.

THE BABY CRIES. I don't say nothin' to him. I ain't gonna get up until I play my hand. I disked out the ace of spades and the king, queen and jack fall. I disked out the two and the ten, nine and the queen of diamonds fall.

THE BABY CRIES. I got the three, four, five, six and seven in my hand. I disked out the three and whack, here come the big joker. I disk out the four and whack, here comes the little joker.

THE BABY CRIES. I was set and homegirl was talking big about how good she can play and how she just bought a big new thing of "Dawn" dishwashing liquid. I was mad.

THE BABY WAS CRYING! I was so high that nothing seemed real to me. I grabbed and shook him, "Shut up motherfucker, shut up! You don' made me lose this game!"

I don't know when I picked him up. I didn't have no kinda thinkin' going on in my head about what I was about to do. I didn't feel him in my arms when I carried him over to the window and let him drop twelve stories down.

Reebie by Henry Hardee

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