Even Jesus Can't Save You

by Henry Hardee

Brick lives over the night club where he plays jazz. His place iz clean, tha floors mopped & the bed iz always ready to be made love in. His mother iz disappointed in him," Boy, you suppose to be takin that horn & savin souls with it, not gettin under women' clothes!"

In his livin room he iz not wearin anythin under his red silk robe that's trimmed with black around the cuffs & hem. Slouchin down in a custom made black chair with a cup of coffee & uh pack of "Kool" cigarettes within arms reach he looks at the black & white photos of John Coltrane, Lester Young, Ben Webster & Sonny Sitt that he had blown up to put on his walls.

He iz a saxphone player, a tenor saxophone player. His black nickeled, curved tenor with the gold keys is standin on a pedestal by the chair. He keeps the straight, gold bodied tenor with silver plated keys that was given to him by Susannainharlem ( who was named after a Romare Bearden collage) in the bedroom . He rubs his crotch & thinks about the pleasures both of them have given to him.

When he iz playin the keys on his sax he is workin a woman's body & when he iz handlin his horn on stage he iz danglin his midnight steeple in front of all the ladies which makes them go from simmer to SIZZLE! Coppin jellyroll was part of his music- "Boy, that blacksnake of yours iz gonna cost you your life one day!"

Brick is a poppa stoppa. He can turn a woeman in-side OUT! He has a face that hard-gin-drinkin-ladies love like it's candy-coated. His facial hair iz always trimmed down to a "T". All the sistuhs want to SQUEEZE his johnson. All the ladies have his name in their mouths durin their wet dreams. They have maaaaaad, mad, mad love for him-"Ooooooo-oooooh, BABY, You make me feel SOOOOOO-OOOOO GOOD!" They always flaunt their coochies in his face. He has all kinds of females comin up on him: old bitches, church girls, hotties, hoochie mamas, white hoochie mamas, chicas, tenderonies & sistuhs with attitude & MONEY. He has them all dick-whupped.

It iz time for him to start gettin ready for his show. He takes one last puff off his cigarette, strips down & gets into the shower. He stands under the nozzle. Jets of pulsin water come out. Tha water runs off his chest into his armpits. His nipples stiffen like the sprays of water were the lips of the women that were goin to be in his audience that night. Music iz a pieceofass that he cannot LEAVE a-lone. He's been playin at this club for three years- " Boy, dem finger-poppin & booty shakin women are gonna be the death of you!"

It doesn't matter what kind of clothes he has on when he goes downstairs because the women are goin to undress him with their minds any way. When he came into the club he bumped into a sistuh with a drink. When she saw it was him, she didn't go off on him, "Woooh-wee sugar! I can't wait to see you get up on dat stage tonight!" The night club is a low-lit blue setting which simulated basement parties where the slow sensual rhythms and voices of Marvin Gaye singing, "Sexual Healing" and Mtume singing, "Juicy Fruit" and Teddy Pendergrass singing "Turn off the Lights" set the mood for love and had couples up on the dancefloor bumpin-and-grindin. The nightclub serves up USDA prime beef that is brown and juicy like the lips of the men sitting at the bar & tables in front of the stage throwing down their macks & hopin that the lady-of-the-moment might break down & give them a piece.

As he walked up the steps on the side of the stage he heard a female voice holler at him from one of the back tables, "How's it hangin baby? You been gettin any lately?" The voice sounded familiar but he couldn't place it. Standing middle stage he takes a drink & sits it down on the floor. Things settle down. All he could hear were the glasses ch-ch-ch-chatterin on trays & that hecklin hottie grumblin somethin he couldn't make out, "You gave me….!"

Not wantin to hear her he starts to work his mojo on his horn. His tenor sax has a bedroom sound. The sounds coming out of it were colored midnight blue & made the dime pieces, video ho's, saints & white hoochie mamas want to do the "DO". It has a moan about it that says," I need some lovin!" The crowd iz eatin it up like it iz catfish & black-eyed peas.

He iz showin his ass off on that sax. He iz playin the belly rubbin songs of Billy Strayhorn--'A Flower Iz A Lovesome Thing", "Blue Star", "Passion Flower" ,"Wounded Love", "Your Love Has Faded", "Lush Life" & "Hues. He iz playin Strayhorn songs like they are pillow talk. He hears the voice of that woman again, "How's it hangin baby?" It is Susannahinharlem, "Mothafucka, U gave me AIDS!"

Jaws in the audience drop. He watches her as she walks out of the nightclub. She is wearing the tank top, pleated short blue jean skirt and blood red bangle on her left arm that always makes her look sweeter than a piece of chocolate cake. Everybody in the audience thinks that he is going to pull a Miles Davis & walk off the stage but he just drops to his prayer handles & starts screamin & goin into registers that even his horn has never taken him to before. Brick heard his mother's voice, "Boy, I told you them women were goin to bring you misery one day, even Jesus can't save you from that shit!!"

Even Jesus Can't Save You by Henry Hardee

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