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The Journey and the Destination

I recently posted a status update on Facebook that stated: "For some people, it's all about the destination. For others, it is the journey that matters. For me, I want both and at times, they do coincide."

I wrote that because many times when we travel, we may focus only on the destination, and often overlook the things and places that we pass by as we focus all of our attention on getting there. Some may tune out the surroundings of their journey and miss some wonderful and interesting things. Even if we have been that route before, there's the chance that we just might see something different on the eleven-teenth time we go that route.

For others, the journey may be the most important part of their trip and the destination may come in second. It may be true if you're traveling somewhere that you've been there a million times or to a place you're not as excited about going. Then, the journey might be the difference for you on that particular trip. To break from the routine, the journey may involve taking a different route that brings new surprises and new adventures.

For TimBookTu, it started out as a primarily a destination when the site was launched in 1996. But I can tell you, it has been all about the journey since then. I have met some great writers and poets along the way. I have gotten tremendous feedback from those who got their start with TimBookTu and it helped them get a foothold on their writing career. I have had the good fortune of interacting with some stellar writers and poets that have enhanced my skills and propelled me forward

I know this seems to be similar to what one writes when things are drawing to a close. No, don't fret, we're not going anywhere. I hope TimBookTu will be around for quite some time.

I decided to get philosophical since I've made a few cosmetic changes to the site to freshen it up a bit. Maintaining the site has been a challenge but it's a challenge that I have enjoyed and cherished as the founder, webmaster and editor. I hope that you like the new look and functionality. Some pages will still be the same such as the author's bio pages and the pages with actual works by the authors. With the work of more than a 1000 poets and writers, it will take some time to make changes to those pages.

I know the regular visitors will see the difference. For those who haven't visited in awhile, take a look around and check out the new look of the site. If there are broken links or things that don't function properly, let me know by e-mail at: editor@timbooktu.com.

Have a great summer and be sure to read, write and communicate. After all, that's what's this journey's all about.

© Copyright 2013.
Memphis Vaughan, Jr.
Editor and Publisher, TimBookTu

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