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Long, Hot Summer

The summer of 2012 has been characterized by the hot temperatures that many are experiencing. Here in the sunny South, hot weather is not a surprise but still can be overwhelming. But when you hear about 100 degree temperatures in the Dakotas, Montana and other far north places, you know that is hot just about everywhere.

While you find refuge from the torrid weather by staying indoors, that is a good time to read some poetry, short stories or essays that can be found right here on TimBookTu. The site has thousands of selections to whet your appetite, stimulate thought and help get your mind off the weather or other concerns you may have.

New submissions have been posted for the summer and I hope you will take time to check them out. I am always amazed at the talented wordsmiths that contribute to the site. I hope they are a source of inspiration for all the aspiring writers. I'm sure their works will provide entertaining, thought-provoking, challenging and soothing words and ideas for those that need them.

To those who regularly visit this page and have looked for an update, I finally got around to doing so. Thanks Bob, Ernie, McWilliams and all of you who check in from time to time, for being supportive readers of the site.

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Memphis Vaughan, Jr.
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