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"Greeting Brothers and Sisters. Sit back, relax and experience the existence of me. Timothy L. Bronson a.k.a. POE_T (pronounced Po' Tee) is still at it. Holding steady in Columbus, GA., seeking and finding new challenges, and keeping the faith. Get a dose of my battles, my misunderstandings, my dreams, my strengths, and weaknesses below and let me know what you think. Find the passion in my words and embrace the man I continue to be. Be Blessed....."

You can contact Mr. Bronson via e-mail at simplydeept@aol.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Timothy Lamar Bronson/Poe_t


Bad Day
Bitter Man
Bitter No More
Black Rising
Black Star
Do It For You
Game Over
I Surrender
Journey (Part 1)
Journey (Part 2)
Journey (Part 3)/Free At Last
Never The Fool...Not Me
Not Today
Oh Brother...My Brother
Once Again
One Man's War
Pass It On
Recognizing Me
Something Comes
Stereotypically Enslaved
Surrender and Learn
This Face I'm In

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