David Rambeau

David Rambeau is the executive producer of Project BAIT, (Black Awareness In Television) which produces and distributes the television programs: For My People, Business In The Black, and THEDAMU Presents. He directs the group’s Television Production Internship and the Writers’ Workshop. He resides in Detroit, Michigan.

You can contact Mr. Rambeau via e-mail at 1davidrambeau@gmail.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by David Rambeau


A Man of The Sixties - An Urban Journey
Green Light - An Urban Journey
Sunday Kind of Love
The Confession
The Rhythm of The Road - An Urban Journey
The Tooth Fairy - An Urban Journey
Urban Journeys – The Parking Lot


Us And Them


About The Non-Existent Right to Literacy and Other Issues in Education - Part 1
A Tale of Two Cities - Part 1
A Tale of Two Cities - The Rip-off Goes Down - Part 2
BlackTrac To The Future - An Analysis
Burberry and the Wuss: An Urban Journey
Business Plan, Where Are You?
Change We Can Believe In
Crossing Together
Detroit Just Like Port au Prince
Detroit, The Virtual City
Fine Words Will Not Grow Wheat
He Doesn't Have A Clue
I Know You're Busy But...
Individuals, Teams, Leagues and Cartels
Looking At Business, Process & Sales
Means & Methods for Education in Detroit Public Schools
More Than Meets The Eye - Part 1
More Than Meets The Eye - Part 2
More Than Meets The Eye - Part 3
Not Standing for the Anthem
Project BAIT begins its 40th Year
Putting Black Parents In Jail, And Other Matters, A Critical Analysis
Regarding Long Marches, Short Marches, Rallies and Reality
Regarding the Superiority of Black People - An Essay
Regarding This Adventure: The Development and Production of a Special Detroit Black Theater Edition for Black Masks Magazine
Regarding "Unity" Meetings & Sundry Other Community Gatherings - An Analysis
Part 2 - The Afro-American/Afro-Brazilian Connection - A Cultural Essay & Critical Analysis with Mark Wells
The Asylum - An Urban Journey
The Detroit - New Orleans Connection - A Business Essay
The Politics of Egotism
The Same Day - A Critical Analysis
The Terrorists of Chocolate City - Chapter 1
Through The Wall - An Urban Journey
Too Bad She Isn't Going To Howard University
Urban Journeys - A Critical Review of the Business Card
Urban Journeys - Monkey See, Monkey Do
Urban Journeys - We Ride The Bus
What We're Good At: Marches, Rallies, et al. A Case Study


A Eulogy for James "Jim-Jam" Mathenia

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