Us And Them

by David Rambeau

 Detroit as they see it. Detroit as we see it. 


We go to rallies with bibles, prayers and spirituals. 
They come with guns, clubs and torches.
We think it's a picnic. They know it's a war.
We come from a church. They come from a combat training program.
Our ideology is democracy. Their ideology is fascism.
We believe in equality. They believe in domination.
We want our streets swept. They want our jobs, property and water.
Their leaders steal billions. Our leaders steal dollar bills.
Our entrepreneurs want a corner store. Their entrepreneurs want international capitalism.
We want a millage. They want a tax subsidy.
We want a grocery store. They want a food chain.
They want Hollywood and Broadway. We want a role in a show.
We buy a house. They build a subdivision.
We have candidates. They have political parties.
Am I right about it.........

We want a seat at the table. They want to run the entire process.
We have ad hoc meetings. They have cartels.
We want to play on a team. They have a league.
We want a paycheck. They want a bank.
We want a loan. They want a currency.
We want a luxury car. They want a car-line.
We want to do a play. They want to do a theater season.
We protest. They plan.
We comment and complain. They consult and command.
We do rhetoric. They do research.
We underwrite weekend parties. They underwrite elections.
Am I right about it.

We prepare for Saturday night. They plan for twenty years.
We want 40 acres and a mule. They want plantations.
We want an education. They want a school district.
We want to integrate. They want to separate.
We want one Detroit. They have two Detroits.
They say one Detroit. We have two Detroits.
We want credit. They have capital.
They kill and continue. We forgive and forget.
We want Justice. They want prosecution.
We want rehabilitation. They want incarceration.
They want the dollar. We get a dime.
We want freedom. They want control.
We steal. They appropriate.
We're confused. They're consolidated.
We hold conventions. They own the hotels.
We accumulate. They confiscate.
We are us. They are them.
Am I right about it.
Prove otherwise.

Us And Them by David Rambeau

© Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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