A Eulogy for James "Jim-Jam" Mathenia

by David Rambeau

First, my condolences to Sylvia, his wife, to his children, and to his family and friends. The proverb asks, "What is happiness in this life?" And answers, "Grandfather die; father die; son die." James "Jim-Jam" Mathenia was like a son to me, so this is very difficult.

We are gathered here this Friday morning to commemorate our colleague, our friend, our kindred spirit. Our lives intertwined decades ago at WDET radio station, at the University of Detroit, at Project BAIT studios, on the streets of this city, and here today.

In part we are defined by the sum total of the places in our lives, and what we bring to those many places. James brought his snarky chuckle, his radiant smile and his enduring spirit. He brought a relentless focus on achievement, production, improvement and contribution to his community and his people.

I would listen to him speak about his plans and his projects, nod from time to time, marvel at his grit, his belief, his faith in himself and his cause. I always thought, Yes!", when he departed, and resumed my work with more hope and determination because of him.

Rest in peace, Rasta. The struggle continues.

A Eulogy for James "Jim-Jam" Mathenia by David Rambeau

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