The Same Day - A Critical Analysis

by David Rambeau

On Wednesday, 17 February in New York City, five police officers who fired 50 bullets into the car of Sean Bell, 23 and black and at his wedding celebration, were relieved to know all charges against them had been dropped. Bell was killed and two others in the car were wounded. None had any guns. The U. S. Justice Department and the FBI did not find enough evidence to bring a federal civil rights violation against any of "New York's finest". Three of the officers were acquitted of state criminal charges; two never went to trial. The Justice Department terms this "a tragedy, not a crime."

The same day in North Carolina, Greg Taylor was released after serving 17 years in the penitentiary after he was falsely convicted of murder with tainted evidence, lying witnesses and the collusion of his prosecutors. His case was brought to justice and his conviction reversed by the N. C. Innocence Commission.

The same day in Detroit, after the federal judge tried to intimidate the lone holdout juror into agreeing to a conviction, and warned the jurors, after declaring a mistrial 'to shutup', after eleven non-black jurors termed the holdout juror a racist, and the Justice Department on the courthouse steps vowed to retry defendant Riddle till they can find a hanging judge and a hanging jury, we are to believe the U. S. Judicial System is fair and just. Whoever believes that is a fool, a hypocrite, a dupe or a racist.

Fortunately for Mr. Riddle he wasn't involved with the New York City Police who have along and turgid history of putting torrents of bullets in black men and getting away with murder.

Fortunately for Mr. Riddle he wasn't brought to trial in Dixie which has a long and turgid history of convicting defendants--guilty or innocent.

Fortunately for Mr. Riddle he went to trial in a federal district where his lawyers could manage to retain one stalwart, conscious black juror out of 12, or 1/3 of the statistical number that would represent a jury of his peers (culture). And that that juror would resist the flagrant, biased intimidation of the so-called judicial system including other jurors who could not overwhelm the resolve of one black woman who would not "hang a black man". We had eleven albino ravens crying guilty against one black raven croaking, "Nevermore".

Some folks say it's not about race. Ok. Then in Riddle's next trial, let's have 11 black jurors and one white juror; we'll go with their verdict. We've had one decision in the first trial with eleven white jurors, let's observe the inverse__with this and other trials.

Meanwhile, in the nation's capital, Washington, D. C., lobbyists (fundamentally in the same business as Sam Riddle) pressuring Congress have received upwards of $30 million to prevent the banking industry on Wall Street from having regulations passed that would hinder the industry's members from receiving million dollar bonuses and continuing to be in position to squander or steal billions from the people's pension funds and investments, and be in position to receive trillion dollar bailouts to keep them in business.

While all of this duplicitous, if not criminal, behavior is going on under the nose of the FBI and the Justice Department in D. C., we have their agents here in Detroit tell us they are in Detroit to root out nickel and dime public corruption while billion dollar public corruption is universally practiced in the nation's capital.

And not only that, but recently the U. S. Supreme Court has declared that corporations can spend unlimited sums of money to influence elections under the guise of freedom of speech, while here in Detroit another federal judge tells the defendant, Sam Riddle, his lawyers and the jury to 'shut up'. But we are to believe that this is a system of justice and not 'just us'.

Federal prosecutors proclaim in the local media they will retry Riddle, a destitute elder, a senior citizen, until they can get a guilty verdict fair and square, while the fat-cats or aristocrats on Wall Street in their $5,000 suits eat their $500 dinners while planning their next lobbyist engineered ripoff of federal stimulus funds--all of which is reported daily in the national media for anybody interested in democracy, fairness and justice to read.

Charles Dickens in his classic novel, The Tale of Two Cities, opened with the line, "These are the best of times; these are the worst of times...." This is certainly true when we compare Wall Street to Hasting Street, or New York to Detroit, when we compare million dollar bonuses to 50% unemployment, and observe legal thugs with law licenses (aka prosecutors) hound Old Man Riddle to the end of his judicial days.

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The Same Day - A Critical Analysis by David Rambeau

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