Business Plan, Where Are You?

by David Rambeau

Every place you go, every agency or agent you encounter, you're constantly advised to develop a business plan. And while business plans are, on the face of it, important, there are necessary sub-texts that are regularly overlooked. This probably happened to you, repeated admonitions from consultants, colleagues or instructors to devise a plan, but no sub-text, no follow-up, no consultation.

You know this happened to you, if you have a business plan at all. Do you? I'm asking, "Do you have a business plan?" Let's assume you do. Where is it? Think for a minute.

In your desk? No, it's not there. In your file cabinet, where it dreams of the attention you once gave it, and the time, effort and money you spent on it? Buried under a stack of old records that you also haven't reviewed in a month of Sundays? Maybe, but which stack?

Do you remember where you put it, when you last read it, when you last discussed it with your business consultant? You should know where it is. It's not hard to know, really it isn't.

If you have only one copy, like you do, you'll lose it, forget where you put it, never look at it, never implement it. You know you will. Here's what you should do. You should have three copies. That's right, three copies___ minimum.

Your business plan is your war strategy. Business is, for the most part, non-violent war, you against the world, especially in this period of globalization. Focus upÓsomebody else out there in the marketplace wants every customer you have or may have, wants every disposal dollar in their pocket, not in yours.

You're already short on capital, equipment, allies, research, interns and workers. The least you can do is have a surfeit of plans to refer to. In this analysis and consultation (that's what I do when I'm not producing television shows) I'm advising you to tape your business plan where I have taped mine___ on the wall beside the cabinet over the sink in the bathroom in your home.

Not only can't I not lose it, having it there provides me with the opportunity to read it every morning. My second business plan is taped to a shelf in my home office. My third plan is at my studio. These may not be locations you would choose for your three copies. No problem. Pick three walls or shelves and tape a synopsis of your business plan to sites you see every day. Then, in addition, put three more detailed copies in handy places where you may forget them.

This consultation will cost you $100. Please bring your payment to my office which is located at 8904 Woodward at Holbrook, suite 302. And we can talk some more about your business and expand upon this basic instruction. Please phone me at 313-871-3333 for your appointment. Or check out my website:

Failing that, or, in addition to that, I suggest, as a token of your appreciation that you purchase a business card sized ad in this publication. If ten readers respond, the editor of this publication might see fit to continue my business writing career.

Let me close with this aphorism. Black is beautiful, but business is business.

Business Plan, Where Are You? by David Rambeau

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